Three poems in Issue 3 of Ouroboros Review

“Aunt Eloe Schools the Scarecrow,” “Substitutions” and “Two Men on a Bed” are all up in Issue 3 of Ouroboros Review. Check it out HERE. Here’s a preview:

“Aunt Eloe Schools the Scarecrow” and “Substitutions” are from my Skin Shift manuscript and continue my exploration of metamorphosis and transformation in all its many guises.

“Two Men on a Bed” references Francis Bacon’s 1953 oil Two Figures and Eadweard Muybridge’s 1887 photograph Two Men Wrestling. It’s a companion poem to “Two Men in a Shower” which references David Hockney’s 1963 oil on canvas. Both are part of my manuscript The Erotic Postulate.

Here are the paintings. First the Bacon:

And the Hockney:

If you’re in NYC this summer, the MET has a Francis Bacon retrospective through August 15th. I caught the Tate version of it last October when I was in London.