Dragonfly on a Clothespin

I took this photo today while visiting Governor’s Island.  I saw the dragonfly sitting on a clothespin from quite a distance while we walked by one of the yellow officer’s houses.    I managed to get pretty close.  I’m usually just a point-and-click kind of guy, but am proud of how this turned out:

New Review of Narcissus Resists at The Rumpus

Evan J. Peterson reviews Narcissus Resists at The Rumpus: As a chapbook, Narcissus Resists works. Across nineteen poems, a conceit such as this can get old, but Hittinger keeps his book compelling and engaging. The glimpses of Dali’s painting, interspersed with the snapshots of Narcissus’ misadventures, provide the momentum necessary. Momentum alone would not be Read More …