Etherian Nights

My love for She-Ra is well known to most of you. The new She-Ra action figure, designed by twins Garrett and Darren Sanders for Mattel, is fab. u. lous. She’s pictured above checking out the dramatic monologue I wrote for her, “For the Honor of Grayskull,” in the Divining Divas Anthology. And here we are adjusting our crowns:


Been thinking of working on a longer sequence of poems about her. There’s some precedence of the poetry meets comics collection: Ray McDaniel’s Special Powers and Abilities which plays with characters from The Legion of Super-Heroes, in particular Brainiac 5; Bryan Dietrich’s Superman-infused Krypton Nights; Gary Jackson’s Missing You, Metropolis. And then there’s the massive Drawn to Marvel: Poems from the Comic Books Anthology which captures the individual poems where so many of us have incorporated and channeled these characters and stories and universes into our own emotional landscapes. Maybe I’ll even give a wink to Dietrich and call it Etherian Nights. Oh what secrets those Whispering Woods hold…to be told…