The Masque of Marilyn

It’s my birthday…and I’ll surprise release a book on it if I want to. Especially if that book’s about Marilyn Monroe, whose birthday it also is today.

My Marilyn poems have been kicking around for years, but I’ve finally bundled them in one sheaf-sequence to go have a public life of their own. With the help of fellow Marilyn lover and┬ámy longtime editor and publisher Didi Menendez, we are bringing them to you from her GOSS183 publishing imprint. I even tapped into my burgeoning printmaking skills to do the cover.

You can purchase it on either Amazon or Barnes&Noble. And as an added bonus: the first 20 people to post a photo with and/or of the purchased book on Instagram or Facebook with the tag #themasqueofmarilyn will get a signed handmade lip kiss print (see below). Feel free to tag me too if you’d like (@mightthreatenwit on Instagram). Some of the prints will be red, some will be black…and one lucky person will get gold. It’ll be a mystery!


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