Featured on The Poet and The Poem from The Library of Congress

I was honored to be invited on The Poet and The Poem, Grace Cavalieri’s long-running program from The Library of Congress. I opened with a poem from Skin Shift and then we turned to The Masque of Marilyn and other topics, closing with a poem from The Erotic Postulate. You can listen here: Enjoy!

Two New Poems in Nimrod

I have two new poems–“Cafe Imagination” and “Proof of Intent to Marry”–in the “Mirrors & Prisms: Writers of Marginalized Orientations & Gender Identities” issue (Spring/Summer 2016. Vol. 59, No. 2) of Nimrod International Journal of Prose and Poetry. You can see the full list of all the wonderful contributors over here.    

New poem in Animal & Other Bits

Thanks to Stephen S. Mills for featuring my poem “Monocacy” in Animal: A Beast of a Literary Magazine for December. The Monocacy Creek is in Bethlehem, where I grew up. It’s a native word for a twisty creek or river. * The new Rabbit Ears: TV Poems anthology is now available. My poem “Wednesdays at the Read More …