Platos de Sal

Seven Kitchens Press, 2009

Cover Art: Lori Hayes

ISBN: 978-0982037-26-3

24 Pages

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Reviews & Press

“Rarely has same sex love been so discreetly shared, or so erotically charged simply through the use of a few phrases or words. … In the form of a beautifully constructed poem Matthew Hittinger has related a story other writers would need a novel to define. This is a poet to watch carefully as his talent grows with every new work he writes.”

— Grady Harp

“Hittinger’s beautifully clear style of writing suits the way in which the story of David/Juan and Mara/Rut unfolds in a bright but uncertain present full of longing, interspersed with the unclouded memories of the long-ago and more recent past. … Platos de Sal is a beautiful piece. It was a pleasure to read over and again, each time Hittinger’s writing revealing more subtleties, more depth.”

—Timothy Wright

“A finely-crafted story in verse that deftly explores the subtle ways in which we reveal ourselves to, or hide ourselves from, those we love.”


Book Highlights

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